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Whether you need a website or a book cover, our designers will create a work of art. For consistency across all of your social media platforms, print media, and merchandise, TrimVentures can do it all. Access our network of editors, marketers, and publishing assistants to bring your book to the world.

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    When it comes to websites, it's best to start with figuring out what you want. Color scheme, number of pages, style. Is it a fully informational or do you need a online store? Is there a website on the web that you like? When you call or email your website request, have these questions in mind. The quicker you come to a decision about what you want, the better we can serve you a professional, eye-cathing website.

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    Book covers are a specialized design process. When you envision opening your book for the first time, what is on the cover? What is the genre and subgenre of your book? Fantasy, mystery, thriller? What is your target audience? Adult, new adult, adult? Books can have a simple classic design or a complicated rendering with original artwork. Even if you don't know what you want, our designers can help walk you toward the book cover of your dreams.

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    Social media top banners and profile photos vary widely from platform to platform. Sometimes they even change their sizes mid-year with a platform update. Many businesses, authors, and ministries need top banners for each of their platforms. We match top banners/cover photos and profile pictures for every platform you need and adjust to the required sizes.

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    Book interior formatting/typesetting is a detail that shouldn't be overlooked. We use a specialty program to make sure all of your pages flow from one to the next and your chapter headings match. We can add an icon or symbol significant to your fiction novel, or fully flesh out the workbook or nonfiction book of your dreams.


Unsure of what you need when it comes to a book cover or website? We offer a free 15 minute consultation to get to the heart of what you need. We can guide you toward making good decisions on your web presence, book distribution, and more.

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TrimVentures designed my book cover. They were patient with me and really helped me figure out what I wanted. Then they birthed it into reality and it is better than I even imagined."