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Custom Design Website Portfolio

Our mission is to create a website that reflects your business or ministry and make a great first impression for your online visitors.


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A Line Printing

A single page website for a small printing business located in Statesboro, GA.

Bear Creek Ranch
A rustic display of natural elements and unique rollover animations.

Chris Johnson Enterprises
Designed with the client’s sketch of what they would like to see on their home page in to an eye catching informational site that includes a photo gallery.

Covenant Bible Institute
A large site with a high information content for this college.

Due Season Ministries International
A website full of pictures, mini animations, slide shows, and photo galleries.

Created To Worship
This site is a splash of vector artwork creating a unique look for this music ministry.

Heatheraine Trim
I designed my own blogger template for my official author's website/blog.
Indian Creek Leather Co.
A website designed with the owner's original hand-crafted leather borders as a major design aspect.

Inner Change Ministries
An original work of art designed with the ministry’s preferences in mind to match all of their media.

Jason A. Wilson

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Four Seconds

Four seconds is the current statistic of how long it takes your online guests to view and click away to another website. Our goal is to design websites that outlive that statistic.

Your site will be created from a blank canvas into a unique work of art, full of color and interactive elements that will keep your visitors coming back. We never use templates because it is important to us that each design is original and give you a unique face on the web.

Per Page Pricing

We charge a per page price that keeps your costs down. Most web designers charge per hour but when you're planning your site or creating a budget for a website, it's hard to know how LONG it takes to get your site created. We will get you an estimate promptly. Contact us for the current pricing and to get your estimate.

Website Pricing

When you receive your estimate you will notice that the Home Page cost is higher than the other pages. Why? The majority of time is spent developing the Home Page with your logo, buttons, a unique layout, color scheme and laying out the navigation with in the entire site. Therefore, the Home Page will be at a higher cost than each additional page.

The Home Page Includes:

Three Redesigns: If the first Home Page layout does not meet your approval we will wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a new layout and color scheme.

Three Months Free Maintenance: After the completion of your web site we will update links and make minor changes to a sentence or paragraph. (i.e.: spelling, grammar, etc.) It does not include replacing nearly all the text from a page with new text, major page reconstruction or new pages.

See our Maintenance Programs for more about website maintenance.

Email Address: We include the set up of an email address in your domain name. (eg:

The Only Other Costs

A Domain Name: You'll need a name to point your guests to your site. TrimVentures now offers domain names for sale. Check to see if the name you want is available.

Hosting: What is hosting? Simply, the hosting is the space you rent to put your website on the internet. You'll pay a yearly fee to keep your site up and running. TrimVentures now offers Hosting at a very competitive price.

Set up of PayPal: If you need a PayPal account TrimVentures can set it up for you so we can add "Buy Now" buttons or "Add To Cart" buttons to your website.

No Surprises

There will be no other costs other than those detailed above. Contact us today to get your free estimate. Estimates are only valid for 3 months from the day they are issued. See you soon!

A Head Start

Need to know what you need to gather for your site? Download our Checklist now.

You Own It

What's the difference between Custom Websites and Matrix websites?

Custom Design Website:

  1. You own it.
  2. It is a one of a kind original.
  3. Once the site is paid for there is nothing more to be paid.

Matrix Websites:

  1. You do not own the layout.
  2. Several other clients may have the same layout.
  3. You pay a small monthly fee to have your website running for the life of your site.
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