Print & Digital Media Portfolio


Brochure Design

Bear Creek Ranch Brochure
All media designed for Bear Creek Ranch are formatted to look like 18th century publications with cowboy/western fonts, pictures and symbols.

Inner Change Ministries Brochure
This large 8.5” x 18” was designed with a mailing portion, a large quantity of information and a detachable section for registration.  Complete with crisp graphic content this brochure is eye catching.

Operation Freedom Home Brochure
This patriotic layout was designed for black and white print as a trifold 8.5" x 11" brochure.

TrimVentures Brochure
Our brochure is simple, precise and matches our new website design.

Business Cards

Agile International

Bear Creek Ranch

Operation Freedom

Banners, Buttons & Ads

Living Waters II Conference Banners
Two banners.  One designed for advertising on a website and the other designed for a banner on an email blast, both matching all the media created for the conference.

TrimVentures Banner Ad
A 600 x 110 pixel banner ad for emails.


Newsletter Design

Bear Creek Dispatch
This periodic newsletter is formatted to look like an 18th century old west newspaper with western fonts, pictures and symbols. 

MOMS Club® of Statesboro Monthly Newsletter
Each month for a year a new newsletter was designed complete with pictures, articles, graphics, logo and more. 



Bear Creek Training Flyer

TrimVentures Flyer
Our flyer matches our brochure and new website design.

Book Cover Design

Escaping Church By Tim Mather
A book cover simplistic in design holds a lot of meaning in representing the writer’s intentions.

Deliverance Team Training Manual by Tim Mather
An 8.5" x 11" cover for a spiral bound workbook and a high gloss print.



MOMS Club® of Statesboro T-Shirt
This shirt was designed to hold only one color for a low cost printing.

Living Waters Conference T-Shirt
The T-Shirts match all of the media associated with this conference that includes their original photo of a wave.  In addition, a separate image was made for the front pocket area.



MOMS Club® of Statesboro Letterhead
The letterhead design was to match a retro-style website.


Other Media

TrimVentures is well versed in the area of designing multiple types of media.  Many of which includes newsletter, brochures, letterhead, T-Shirts, book covers and more.

Matching Seamlessly

What ever your needs may be, TrimVentures can get the job done.  We can create an array of media that matches seamlessly for the purpose of public recognition.  Brochures that match your website, or T-Shirts that match your newsletter.  Give your media the extra boost by connecting the dots for those viewing your media.

Mission Complete

Check out our growing portfolio of completed designs.









































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